our mission

Nice to have you here!

My name is Erhan and I am the founder of MyImpulse.
Our story began in 2010...

That year saw a number of sporting doping scandals involving banned substances, blood doping or other expensive and dangerous methods.
At that time we were dealing with frequencies and when we saw the news about the doping scandals, our idea came up:

"Develop a product that releases the hidden powers from the body. A legal and healthy doping"

In competitive sports it is often only nuances that decide between victory and defeat. Everyone knows or has at least heard that the human body can achieve incredible things under certain stressful situations (adrenaline). So the body already has this performance potential in itself, you just have to unleash it.

This is how we then developed our MyImpulse Power Drops!
Which uses BF technology and vitamin B6/B12 to ensure that your body releases the hidden power (which is already inside you) and works "normally" again. The relevant bodily functions for sport are: strength, endurance and regeneration.

This also distinguishes us from other supplement manufacturers. We work with frequencies and small amounts of vitamin B6/B12, while the rest relies exclusively on active ingredients and unnecessarily high doses !

Our mission is...

to reach more people and show that we can use MyImpulse Power to get the most out of our body's hidden benefits: without doping, without drugs, without active ingredients and, above all, healthy.

MyImpulse is not only suitable for athletes, but also for normal/healthy people or for those who are struggling with limitations! So for everyone.

We want our customers to go through everyday life full of energy and vitality and ensure a good quality of life!

Your MyImpulse team