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MyImpulse Marketing Plan

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  • Unique and only product

    We have a unique product that currently has no competitor and works lightning fast. That's why it sells very quickly! A small test is enough. In addition, we currently only have one product and therefore do not scare off customers with a large product portfolio.

  • Subscription for commission eligibility

    To be eligible for commission from us, you need a subscription for at least one bottle of MyImpulse Power. Not more.
    It can be canceled and adjusted at any time!

  • Simple compensation plan and payout

    We have no hidden clauses and try to keep our compensation plan as simple as possible.
    When it's easy to understand, you feel good!

    If you earn commission of €20 or more, the commission will be paid out on the 15th of the following month.

  • Quick start bonus

    If you manage to enroll 3 other partners who also take out a subscription within 30 days of registering, you will receive a bottle of MyImpulse Power for free!
    With 8 registered and subscribed partners, there are even 2 bottles on top!